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AndroidMassTexter allows you to send mass messages using your Android plan ! If you have unlimited SMS plan with your Smartphone, you can send unlimited SMS for FREE!

Bulk SMS over Internet

  • What are the OS supported by AndroidMassTexter ?

AndroidMassTexter only works on Android phone device.

  • Is it really free ?

Yes its fully free up to 100SMS/day. Keep in mind that SMS you send over internet are then transmitted to your android phone. So SMS are finally billed by your mobile operator.
But if you have unlimited SMS plan with your operator, you can send mass SMS for free!!!

  • I don't have Android phone, what can i do ?

If you want to send mass SMS over internet, you can use our bulk SMS service for professional

  • I would like to send sms from another mobile phone number ?

bulkWebSMS is the solution to send mass sms from internet. You don't need any mobile phone. You can buy virtual number to text over internet.