is made for everyone !

AndroidMassTexter is made for personnal people to large compagnies which want to save money with marketing campains!

You will find here usage for

  • Personnal usage
  • Small compagnies usage
  • Large compagnies usage

Personnal usage

For example you text all your friends for a special event:

  • Text all your friends in a single click
  • Communicate for a meeting
  • Send SMS to be sure your friends are aware of event

How to create your account on AndroidMassTexter ?

You have to download MassTexter on Google Play store and then :

  • provide a Gmail account : This is mandatory to make communicate our server wih your Android Phone in real time
  • a password : it will be used for authentification on your Android and on our Internet bulk SMS console.

Your email and password will be asked each time you login AndroidMassTexter.

Create account

How to text from Androit ?

Just start MassTexter on your Android phone and log (or register) in your account .

Then, just click on button "Send SMS from Android"

All messages sent will use your phone plan (it means you are billed with your carrier)

How to send SMS from Internet ?

You must first launch MassTexter on your Android phone. Then, connect on SMS console and log in with your Email/Password provided during registration on MassTexter Android application.
You can then send Mass messages from Internet. All your messages will be billed on your phone package. Billing examples depending on your phone carrier here.
Web Bulk SMS console
With our web console, you can text easier mass messages. You can copy and paste to send mass SMS. You may also create/import contacts and group your contacts by list.

Become a premium user ?

As standart user, you can text 10 SMS by message with a monthly limitation of 100 messages. If you wish to text more message, just click on Premium user in our web console.