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How it works ?

AndroidMassTexter allows to send text from Internet using your Android phone mobile plan.

This means if you have unlimited text plan, you will be able to send unlimited SMS from Internet for free !

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Who can use ?

I do not have my Android phone with me!
How can i text ?

I want to send SMS to all my friends. How can i do ?

No worry. With MassTexter you can text all your friends in a single click!

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Easy to use

MassTexter has been designed for any user. From family to business needs.

You just need to run it on your Android Phone or log in your account on Internet!

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About texting

AndroidMassTexter use your Android phone to send SMS. Texts are then rates depending on your phone packaging.

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Privacy and Security

AndroidMassTexter follows all recommandations in term of privacy.

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